How to Choose Your Bridal Hair Accessories

How to Choose Your Bridal Hair Accessories

So you’ve found your dream wedding gown (hooray!). Don’t slow down now, because your bridal shopping isn’t done yet! In fact, the complete bridal look consists of much more than the dress – it’s the shoes, the jewellery and bridal hair accessories, and of course the hair and makeup too. All of these elements work together to create a look that is uniquely yours; one that will enhance the dress (without overpowering it), flatter your looks and suit your personal style, and make you feel your most confident and beautiful. But with so many wonderful options when it comes to bridal hair accessories (clips, combs, hair vines, hair pins, flower crowns, veils, oh my!), how do you choose the perfect bridal hair accessories for you? Here are our eight top tips.

Start with the dress.

Your wedding dress is the centre of your bridal look, so the bridal hair accessories you choose should complement it and show off its best features. For example, you could pick up pearl or crystal beading in your dress and mirror it subtly in your hairpiece. Or you could elevate a simple, modern gown with a statement bridal headpiece or headband. Think about the colour as well. The colour of the metal used in your hair accessories should work well with the tone of your gown.

Consider your personal style.

Remember, this is YOUR bridal look. You should look and feel like yourself on your wedding day. (A fancier version, maybe, but still you!) Which accessories generally make you feel pretty and enhance your facial features? Which complement your fashion sense?

See the whole picture.

All your bridal accessories should work together to create a cohesive whole. So, for example, if you’re a boho bride, you’ll want to stay away from modern, architectural hairpieces. In this case, a beautiful hair vine or flower crown would be an appropriate choice. Similarly, if you’re a classic beauty, then opt for a classic hair pin with an elegant updo. Be sure not to over-accessorise with bling everywhere (shoes, dress, jewellery, etc.) – when it doubt, edit! You’ll also want to make sure that any bridal hair accessories work with your veil, if you’re wearing one.

Don’t leave it until the last minute.

So many brides wait until just before the wedding to choose their bridal hair accessories, and end up making a rushed choice, limited by what’s available at the time. Take the time to do your research and look at lots of ideas. That way, you’ll also have time to ask for customisations and adjustments, if necessary.

Always have a hair trial.

If at all possible, you should always have a hair (and makeup) trial before the big day. Sometimes a style you love in a picture doesn’t look the same on you, or doesn’t work with your hair colour or texture. Bringing your chosen hair accessories to the trial will allow your stylist to play around with different placement options, until you find a look you love.

View your bridal hair accessories from all angles.

Just like a wedding dress, it’s important to look at any hair piece from lots of different angles. Have someone photograph it from the sides, from above, from far away and up close. Try to get a 360-degree view.

When in doubt, opt for versatility.

If you’re not sure of your hairstyle, it’s best to choose bridal hair accessories that will give you and your hair stylist the most options on the day. Hair vines and hair pins are the most versatile choices, and can be worn in a variety of ways (whether your hair is up or down, in a plait or chignon, etc.). For example, a hair vine can be used as a headband or tiara, attached to a half updo or low bun, or trailed down a braid.

Go with your gut.

The most important feature of your bridal hair accessories is that you should love them. It’s not about pleasing anyone else! Wearing something you adore will make you feel amazing as you walk down the aisle, and will ensure that your bridal hair accessories become a treasured piece that you can wear again or even pass down one day as an heirloom. If you keep coming back to one design, then trust your gut. It’s the one!

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